Installed capacity and production

Our plant is a multipurpose site, optimized for maximum flexibility and low setup costs for changing products. Total reactor capacity is 50 cubic meters, enabling us to produce small quantities of a few kilograms as well as lot sizes reaching several hundred kilograms. The pilot scale plant we are running on the site is equipped with reactors containing between 200 and 400 liters. The pilot plant was re-designed in 2017 to ensure also a GMP manufacturing process during the up-scaling process or to manufacture in smaller scale.

We continually expand and optimize processes and production facilities which include stainless steel and glasslined 600 liter to 6,000 liter vessels and vertical centrifuges (stainless steel and Hastelloy®). We apply dynamic and static methods for drying ingredients using paddle dryers, tray dryers and a double conical dryer.

Packaging materials, intermediates and raw materials are kept in separate special storage rooms. The one-way flow of materials from start to finish minimizes the risk of cross contamination. Finished products are stored in air conditioned rooms which meet all applicable technical and safety standards, as reflected in our certifications.

Environmental protection also is a high priority for Chemische Fabrik Berg. We operate waste-water treatment facilities and waste gastreatment with afterburner for exhaust air.