The new clean room facilities

We started building Class D clean room facilities in 2010. Since then, we have continually expanded them, investing a seven-digit amount of Euros in the process. In September 2016 we have finished this program.

The background for this decision is our constant push for production excellence. Instead of simply beefing up production capacity to increase output, we opted for a long-term investment into quality.

At present, there are no regulations actually demanding clean rooms for our production processes. They exist because it has always been the strategy of Chemische Fabrik Berg to be at least one step ahead when it comes to product and process quality.

We are confident that legislation will follow in a few years, so that clean rooms will become mandatory. By then, Chemische Fabrik Berg will already have gained valuable experience with operating under clean room conditions, and be able to fully comply with the new requirements from day one.

In 2016 Chemische Fabrik Berg has finalised the clean room installation and qualification plan and these production steps are carried out under clean room conditions: